Friday, June 3, 2011

CHicken Hummus Wraps

On my friend Lori's blog, Teacher turned mommy, she hosts Tasty Tuesday and she will share a recipe each week with her readers. This was one of them!

I altered this as I was having a very unproductive day. Lori actually slathered the chicken with hummus then grilled it, I just grilled it. So you can do it either way!

Hummus Chicken Wraps-shared from Teacher Turned Mommy
1 lb chicken
flour tortillas
romaine lettuce
your favorite hummus

Grill chicken until cooked through. Allow to rest for 5 mins. Slice.

Slather hummus on tortilla to your liking, top with lettuce and sliced chicken. Roll or fold and enjoy!

**I normally make my own hummus but we had just gotten back from vacation and it was on sale. I wasn't feeling like waiting 2 days to get it made. So I used the Red Pepper Hummus from Tribe. I love this and it might be a new go to chicken recipe! I liked how fresh and easy it was to make!


  1. glad you enjoyed it. I have also made it by marinating the chicken in balsamic dressing and grilling it, then just putting the hummus on top as you did and that is yummy too!

  2. I love how simple this recipe is to make. Simple is often better.