Thursday, June 2, 2011

Restaurant Style Beef Tacos

This recipe sounded FABULOUS, I of course tweaked it quite a bit, so this is my version. I had planned on making a homemade soft bread wrap and found out I needed potato flakes, I had already been to the store so I wasn't going back(I know have the potato flakes for next time!) I started this out in the crock pot too!

Restaurant Style Beef Tacos
1 lb beef
1-2 avocados,mashed with salt and pepper
homemade pitas or flatbread

Place meat into slow cooker. Add in 1 cup of water and season. I used some steak seasonings. Turn on low and cook for 6-8 hrs.*I used stew meat, which was a bit tough when I went to check it, so I cut it all up even smaller(after cooking) and placed it back in the crock pot for another hr and it was much more tender.

Lay pita flat, spread avocado on top followed by beef and corn. Fold in half and enjoy!

**I loved all the flavors in this meal! We couldn't wait to have the leftovers either! Next time I will add in some halved grape tomatoes for a bit more color and flavor!

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  1. You can't beat mashed avacados and flat bread!