Thursday, July 1, 2010

Grilled Corn

So I have tried to grill corn before and it either burns or doesn't cook all the way. If you look online there are numerous ways to cook it. Some say to husk it, others say don't, then there is husking and wrapping in is a girl to know which is the right way. So tonight I on a whim I decided to grill the corn. I was making Tequila Lime Chicken and didn't feel like heating up the house and it FINALLY WORKED!! It was simple and easy!

Grilled corn
ears of corn
butter, optional
salt, opitional

Turn grill on high and let preheat. In the mean time, rip off corn hair and any strangly pieces of corn husk. Place on grill and turn to low still in the husk. Grill for 15-20 mins with lid closed. Turn corn every few mins to keep from burning. It took the same amount of time that my chicken did.

Serve with butter and salt.

**It was tasty and perfectly cooked. It even made for husking and getting the corn hair off much easier than if I husked it before hand. I may have to also cook my corn this way!

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