Monday, July 5, 2010

Meal Plan Monday

This is my meal plan for the week...we leave on Wednesday to go camping and we will be back sunday. We do have internet access, but I can't guarantee if I'll actually be on! We have a zoo trip planned and a wonderful wedding to attend on Saturday, kidless! (thanks to the inlaws!) K is on his own wed/thurs, but there are plenty of leftovers for him to eat and he will join us on Friday.

Hopefully we have packed enough food to keep the bottomless pit that we call my brother, filled! Never mind my 2 boys who don't always eat a traditional meal and my mom and sister will also be joining us.

-Denise's Beans...which I made over the weekend and then never ate! It was our last freezer cooking meal!
-Strip Steak, grilled summer squash, and garlic cheese grilled potatoes(This was my attempt to an anniversary dinner, we celebrate 5 years on the 9th, which I will be going to a girls' dinner that day, sorry honey!)
-Cheeseburger Zucchini Boats

Not much baking this week as its 90+ out...and I don't want to heat our house up. I did get some baking done for the trip so anything else we might need will be bought!

Camping Food:
-Smores of course!!
-1 dozen blueberry crunch muffins
-1 dozen zucchini choc. chip muffins
-Chocolate Chip cinnamon Rolls
-Peanut butter oatmeal choc. chip cookies
-Grilled chicken, pasta salad, corn
-Bacon Cheese Steak burgers, salad, homemade honey wheat rolls, chips
-Pancakes, bacon
-Eggs, Sausage
-Thursday night we are headed to my Aunt's house so she can show me how to make mac and cheese...

we also have various cookies and snacks.

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