Sunday, January 9, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

You may start seeing more meat-free meals on our menu. I have noticed lately that the price of meat is outrageous and in an effort to keep our food bill down, I haven't been buying it. But K is NOT willing to go completely vegetarian, so you will still see meat on the menu!

-Oatmeal Tea Muffins
-Snickerdoodle Muffins(as the tea muffins are almost gone!)
-Peanut Butter Chocolate Oatmeal
-Hot Chocolate Cookies
-Whole Grain Brown Rice Bread

-6 Cheese Rosa Pasta Bake with summer squash
-Turkey with mashed potatoes and veggies
-Lentil Sloppy Joes
-Thai Chicken Pizza
-Cheesy Chimichangas
-Minestrone Soup w/ Whole Grain Brown Rice Bread


  1. We are aiming to eat less meat too -- I'll often by a whole chicken, cook it in the crockpot and then use the meat for a week or two in casseroles, etc. I'll typically use about half the meat called for in these recipes; so you can still have some, but cut down on the total consumption.

    I do this with ground beef/turkey too. Use 1/2 a package rather than a full pound in spaghetti or another recipe.

  2. I totally understand about the meat issue. Unfortunetly, my hubby is unwilling to go without meat at all. :( One way I stretch our burger is to add oatmeal to it (in burgers, meatloaf and meatballs) You never notcie and I can usually get a bit more.

    Your Thai Chicken Pizza sounds interesting. Have a great week!