Saturday, February 12, 2011

Homemade Tater Tots

 I love tater tots...and miss them! But they aren't really the healthiest thing to eat nor is the ingredient list nice to read. Then I stumbled upon this recipe...and also Snowhite over at Finding Joy in my Kitchen had one as well! I saw hers first, but this one seemed simpler to me! I hope to try hers soon though!

Homemade Tater Tots-shared from Heavenly Homemakers
kosher salt(optional)
oil(I used coconut oil)

Bake potatoes until fork tender. Allow them to cool completely.

Preheat pan and pour in oil, just enough to coat the bottom.

Scoop out insides of potato and save the skins, perhaps for some potato skin appetizers? Place the potato into a food processor and a pinch of salt (you can also shred them with a cheese grater) Pulse until fine, not too much as you don't want them mushy. Using a small scoop, scoop out potatoes and press firmly, eject into hot pan/oil. Flatten slightly, cook until golden brown and flip, flatten a bit, remove once the other side is golden as well!

**These were not hard to make, just took a little extra time. I did use coconut oil as it was suggested in the original post and while it was great to work with, we did have a slight coconut taste, so next time I'll try a different oil. But these were EXACTLY like the store bought ones, but I knew exactly what was in them and how they were made! I used 6 potatoes and it was enough for our family of 4. Q loved them. I did alter the recipe with the salt as I salted them when I was done, next time I'll add in right into the potato mix. I'd love to make a big batch one day and freeze some as these did not last long!

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