Thursday, April 28, 2011

Peanut Butter {Eggs} or balls

Growing up my mom made these for probably every Christmas. They were always loved by us and the people she gave them to...neighbors or teachers! They are still a favorite today, I love them but don't always like to make them. I just don't have the patience to roll the balls and then dip them! But I needed a dessert for Easter so I thought this would be perfect as I had all the ingredients on hand, plus I knew my family would love them!

Peanut Butter {Eggs}or Balls-shared from my mom
18 oz jar of peanut butter
4 cups rice krispie cereal
1 stick butter, softened
1 box powedered sugar(about 1 lb)
1 bag chocolate chips

Mix all the ingredients together except for the chocolate. Roll into balls or egg shapes. Place on cookie sheet. I then put the eggs in the fridge to get nice and cold, makes them easier to dip!

Melt chocolate. Dip balls or eggs in chocolate and place back on cookie sheet. Allow chocolate to harden. I did put them in the fridge to speed this along. Decorate if you would like too!  I used a few colored sprinkles.

**These are fabulous and tried and true! I really like the cereal in them because it helps cut down some of the powerful peanut butter taste that some can have! And make sure you check your jar of peanut butter, mine was only 15 oz, which I figured would be fine, but the eggs wouldn't stick together enough, once I added more peanut butter they were perfect to form!

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