Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Menu Plan...Tuesday

I was going to post this yesterday, but couldn't remember what I had put on my list for the week. I still had to dig through my freezer/pantry to see what I had as I'm holding off on shopping still.Still prepping my tiny freezer for our freezer cooking day and its getting quite bare...I've never seen it so empty! So without further ado...

-We have leftovers on out list of black bean corn salsa which I will make into some nachos and into some cream cheese enchiladas.
-Also leftovers of leftover turkey bake, which I have yet to try, but my mom had it. I may make it into something else just not sure what yet.
-I got permission from K that it would be ok to have blt's without the t and with cheese. I think I will miss the t, but perhaps I'll find some ts at the farmer's market today. Fresh lettuce out of our garden will make them quite tasty!
-Honey Lime Enchiladas we still have in the freezer and I found only when I went to bring my brother in laws their food.
-I also have some cream of chicken soup and egg noodles so I think I'll make beef stronganoff...as I have mushrooms and beef in the freezer.

This should safely get us into next week I hope and not have to go to the store until then. The only problem I am having with once a month shopping(which I have been attempting to do, is I miss the fresh veggies, but it is farmer's market season so I may hit those up once a week or so, if I make it there.

I do have 2 little broccolis growing in the garden, along with lettuce that I can harvest at any time. I have have quite a few strawberries just need them to be ripe and at least a half dozen jalepeno peppers...I wasn't expecting them to grow so fast so now I suppose I need to find something to do with those!

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  1. I ordered a tortilla press last week so that I can make my own tortillas for all sorts of enchiladas. We love enchiladas of all sorts so it will be fun experimenting.

    And we love BLC -- bacon lettuce cheese -- It's very yummy.