Sunday, May 23, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

We had quite the busy weekend...Friday I had no internet, which meant I got none of the baking done I wanted too so I was up late getting that done( the peanut butter filled oreos were a hit!).

Saturday was unexpectedly busy...we went to the boys' pedi's office for a health and safety fair.  There is a reason for mentioning it other than it was fun to go too. One of the displays showed how much sugar are in popular soft drinks(gatorade, lemonade, soda, etc). K looked at the bottle and was surprised to see how much sugar was actually in it...he told the nurses he knew there was a lot but he visional surprised him. They served organic carrot sticks and organic cheerios with milk that both boys devoured. The final point...they had sugar laden hawaiian ices on the other side of the fair...and popcorn(sodium was something else they were trying to encourage to stay away from.

Ok so now that I've bored you with all those details here is the menu for the week!

My goal this week and next week is to empty out my freezer as much as possible as my good friend Amy and I are doing a once a month cooking day June 12 and I need my freezer for that! Half of the freezer contents are going to my brother in laws, its his bday gift! We have 16 meals(all doubled for a total of 32) in one day, needless to say my kids(and K) are being evicted!
-Leftover Bolognese Sauce
-Leftover Bouef Bouginon(recipe to come and i still can't spell it!)
-Honey Dijon Chicken Casserole
-Leftover Turkey Casserole(new recipe)

I also think it supposed to get pretty warm this week so I may grill some chicken. There is also a possible cook out this weekend for Memorial day with my family.

-some kind of muffin
-K requested granola, but made out of the granola bar recipe!
-Peanut Butter and Jelly Waffles
-Homemade strawberry Jelly(and I'm sure I'll have enough to even share with Amy!)

ok I think that may be it...who knows if I will even stay on the menu, but its more important I stay away from the store! We were able to save over $100 this month on groceries and hopefully next month will be even better esp with the huge cooking day.I keep having to go back to the store for kids seem to eat a lot of them and I need them for baking. I think we went through 4-5 dozen this month and we are only a family of four!


  1. I love that you do the once a month cooking! I've never done it all in one day, but I do love to make double batches of stuff and freeze for another meal. I am in need of a clean out the freezer week. I've got a bunch of junk in there. Great blog, thanks!

  2. Good luck on reducing the food in the freezer! Once-a-month-cooking with a friend sounds like so much fun!