Monday, August 16, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

I swayed a little bit from my menu last week, but I don't believe there is much on this week's menu that is a repeat. Except for one!

I think I'm going to have to start planning lunch, at least for the boys. I don't feel they have much for a variety and its always the same thing...that they don't always eat! I usually just ask A what he wants and then Q gets that too...I don't want to be a short order cook for lunch! How do you handle toddler/preschool lunch in your house?

-Blueberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake
-Coconut Almond Muffins
-some kind of smore treat...either cookies or bars, I just have the stuff to make it!

-Pizza, anyone have any suggestions?(that isn't pepperoni or red sauce?), salad
-Pizza Burritios(see why I don't want a red sauce?), cucumbers
-Spanish Rice
-Mini BBQ meatloaves, summer squash, potatoes of some sort
-Tortilla Cigars from Deceptively Delicious...if I get to them!

For more great menu ideas make sure to check out


  1. sounds like a good menu. have you grilled your pizza? that's how we make it most of the time. we often put meatballs on our pizza

  2. Menu looks great! For pizza we like making an alfredo-like sauce and then topping with fresh basil and chicken. It's wonderful and makes you feel like you've been to a upscale pizza place! :-)

  3. How about BBQ chicken pizza? Bottled sauce, cubed chicken, chopped red peppers, green onions, cheddar cheese . . . or something like that. :)

  4. I keep seeing the blueberry coffee cake popping up, sounds awesome!

  5. We love BBQ chicken pizza --

    we've also made a chicken alfredo pizza with leftover alfredo sauce, spinach, chicken and onion.

  6. BBQ Chicken pizza is a favorite of mine. Also Buffalo Chicken pizza, but with little ones that wouldn't be good. ;)
    I'd love to fix pizza burritos, they sound great!
    Have a great week!!