Sunday, October 10, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Well I have no menu planned as of yet...but my freezer is full of food! I just can't seem to think about what to eat yet this week, but it will be something that is already made! I do know we will be enjoying:

-the pumpkin muffins
-Wild Rice Soup
-might try my hand at some pumpkin spice bagels, I have some extra pumpkin puree left.

Not sure what else yet. I also have to make something for the bake sale at the library on saturday. Has to be something I have here....maybe some Smore Muffins or something with apples. Or even Rice Krispie Treats...and did you know those are the best selling item at a bake sale? Just a fun little tidbit for your Monday. It is also my birthday this week so maybe I'll make myself a cake...or splurge and get a really yummy one at the bakery, but it will probably be my own!

Stay tuned for freezer cooking day pictures...for the most part it went very well. It took us about 6 hrs  vs. the 8 hrs last time. We did 17 meals all doubled. We had one fiasco with the granola...we lost both batches due to them burning. But other than that we had great fun!  To see our list, click here. We also didn't get to the pie filling, but I did get some homemade Mango Chutney, thanks Amy! I would really just like to go dump the chutney over the block of cream cheese in the fridge...but alas that isn't very healthy!

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  1. I'm so sorry about the granola!!! I updated the recipe to reflect the time change.

    I did the same thing this weekend -- left a batch in the oven overnight, got up the next morning and turned the oven on to 400 to make those pumpkin spice bagels, and forgot the granola was in the oven :( I was able to salvage a little bit... but I was bummed, so I hear you there!

    Those pumpkin spice bagels are wonderful -- they were delicious with honey. I tried them using some white whole wheat flour (1C) and made the dough the night before so we could enjoy them fresh on Saturday morning by just boiling and baking.