Tuesday, October 26, 2010

we interrupt the regularly scheduled program...for a special announcement!

*Now normally this is all about food, but in the excitement of the upcoming holiday and our beautiful family pictures taken by Pam M. I am asked to share this!

Now here is a question for you...do you do family photos for your Christmas card each year? I never did, until I had kids! We started after our oldest was born. 

At first we spent out wallets inside the cards that way people could hang onto them even after the holiday. I found that most people I sent cards to might not see the boys on a regular basis and we all know how fast kids can grow!

Well now that we have 2 boys and we never have the opportunity very often to get family pictures done, Pam came to our rescue. Now we have pictures to share with our friends and family and we will treasure them for many, many years to come!

One place that offers many many options for photo cards is Shutterfly.  The only problem I seem to have the most is choosing a design for our cards. My husband likes to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas in that we usually have "Merry Christmas" on the card...versus "Happy Holidays". It's really a personal preference for us. This years photo card is the Mod Merry Ornaments. We liked the simplicity and the colors matched our outfits. I also love anything that has chocolate brown in it.

I generally try to pick out a card that has many photo insert opportunities, but not overwhelming. This of course also depends on the pictures I like and want to use. I then go on to choose a simple design. They have many options when it comes to photo cards that are flat in two sizes, 4x8 and a 5x7. We tend to choose a 4x8 size. We did use 5 pictures this year which included one individual picture of each of the boys, one family picture, and 2 of the boys together.

But they also have folded cards, which are more of a traditional Christmas card. The great thing is you can choose what fits your family best and your budget! You can customize everything for your pictures, to fonts, to what you want it to say. I love having the flexibility and being able to create something unique just for my family and friends. The picture quality and product are always excellent and they have pretty fast shipping as well. Customer service is phenomenal as well.

Right now, shutterfly is offering 20% off on all holiday cards, so even you can design your own and save some money too.

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  1. I typically make my own photo cards, but creating a digi-scrap and then printing them at Walgreens or such, but this does sound like a good deal