Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Homemade Playdough

I don't know about anyone else, but I really really dislike the smell of the playdoh you buy at the store. Maybe it was  because A was using it while I was pregnant with Q and it just wasn't agreeing with me, I don't know. Needless to say I do not buy it anymore, we only make the homemade version. I did have some small tubs of it and A calls it the "yucky" playdoh. We had made some a while back and he wanted to use his new cookie cutters today, well when I opened the container it was quite soft, softer than it should be. So the boys playedwith it and then we decided we needed some new dough made, so we made it on this rainy, cold day!

Homemade Play Dough
1 cup flour
1/2 cup salt
2 tbsp cream of tartar
1 tbsp cooking oil
1 cup water
food coloring

Mix together the dry ingredients. Add in oil and stir. Mix food coloring and water together.  Pour dry ingredients into a saucepan and slowly add in water while stirring. Turn on the heat and stir until it starts to dry. This should take about 2 mins. Once it clumps remove it from the heat, dump onto cutting board(or table), let cool slightly, and knead it a bit. Let cool and until ready to use. Store in airtight container. ***This is NOT edible.

Kid Help: measure/pour/mix ingredients, pick out and squeeze food coloring.


  1. you know I haven't made homemade playdough with my boys yet. probably because we have a ton of the store bought stuff. when they get a little older you can make your playdough scented by adding extracts and/or kool-aid.

  2. holy cow! Where did you get that color?!

  3. Morgan-that was almost a bottle of blue food coloring! I just let my 3 yr old squeeze to his hearts content! spice supreme was the brand. it is darker than the flash perceives it. i was quite pleased with the color!