Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pasta...NOT for me!

So I tried my hand at homemade pasta last night...boy was it a site to see! My mom sat at the table with Q and was having a very good laugh. I think I got a little over zealous and made WAY to much. I figured if I was doing it once I'd make some extra and freeze it. Well I barely got through enough for dinner so I stopped and frozen the rest of the dough.  Not sure how that will work out, but I just did NOT have the patience for it anymore.

The verdict: my mom said they looked like octopus tentacles...and wanted to know if it was something I'd eat as a kid. Then she proceeded to ask if I'd eat it if my dad gave it to me. My answer to that would have been no because knowing him it would have been octopus. A on the other hand ate the whole bowl I gave him. We liked it, but I did not roll the dough as thin as it needed to be and it plumbed up a lot...they also were NOT uniform or even thin like spaghetti.

I also lost 2 eggs after the egg box decided to jump off the table...I had egg everywhere. Oh the mess I made and it was very time consuming to me. I also used half whole wheat and half regular flour and that may have been where I went wrong too. I am sad to report that until I have the money to purchase an attachment to the kitchen aid or buy a pasta maker, this will be one thing I still eat from a box. It was a good experience though, but not one I have the patience for!

If you would like to try it yourself there are great resources for you to check out my fellow bloggers on how to make your own noodles.

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  1. that was adventurous. sorry it didn't work out but at least you should be able to look back and laugh

  2. Sorry it didn't work out for you, I promise we'll get together one of these days and make pasta together (and maybe without kids)