Saturday, February 13, 2010

Where to begin...

I was asked by a fellow reader on where to begin in the transition from boxes to kitchen. My answer is to start small and work your way up! Have little goals in mind and eventually you will find how easy it is taking it step by step and it will be old habit by the time you are done converting!

I am not exactly sure where my journey started or if it was with one particular food. As I've sat here thinking about it the first food was probably store bought cookies! To me those are probably the easiest to make and I always seem to have the ingredients on hand and a great place for kids to help. All kids LOVE cookies. There are so many recipes out there to try, but this was about Christmas time so I was making a lot of homemade goodies.

The bread department was another place I stopped buying in. I received a bread maker for my birthday from my mom and immediately started using it.(She even got me a bag of bread flour to go with it, isn't she thoughtful). You can also easily use a stand mixer to mix your dough. If you have either of these it is easy to whip up some homemade dough that is very versatile in its use. Of course, you can always use the mixing pads God gave you, they are quite helpful! Pizza tends to be our go to meal because the ingredients are always handy.

Another place you could start is by looking at what you eat the most of. I loved the packets of rice/sauce and noodles in sauce, but I knew those were deadly in the sodium category. So I slowly stopped buying them. I do sure miss my parmesan noodles or the broccoli cheese rice, but I know there are homemade recipes for both and they taste 10 times better.

Other areas to start: frozen pizza, frozen meals( aka-Lean Cuisine, Stouffer's, etc), Hamburger Helper, canned soup, muffins, pre-seasoned meats, salad dressing, etc.

I do still have a couple of things I buy at the store : cereal, goldfish/crackers, pasta sauce, to name a few. I have seen some recipes for crackers, graham crackers, english muffins, bagels, and pretzels. They are on my list of items to try and I can't wait to try them. They will be judged by A and Q and if they like it chances are you will too!

You will see come Monday that I have a couple of things that will have...gasp...processed food in them! Why you ask? Well as I was going through my pantry and fridge I discovered a few stragglers so I've decided to just use them up. Sure using processed foods won't kill me for one or two meals. Believe me everything you buy in the store can be made at home!

So if you have started this journey, what was the first thing you eliminated? If you haven't started yet, what is the first item you will start with? I look forward to hearing your answers!


  1. The first thing we got rid of was canned soups. Not only are they expensive (up to $2 for a 16oz can), the sodium levels are out of this world! We've come to love homemade soups, and I love that we have control over what goes into them. We even went from using canned chicken broth to using homemade chicken stock for our soups now. Of course every now and then we use boullion or canned broth, but we try to avoid it if possible.

  2. I do a balance of the two. there are things that I like as store bought items and others I prefer to make from scratch. as with most in my life I believe in a balance of everything

  3. ok yes I'm guilty I do still used the canned stock/broth, but I ALWAYS get the low sodium. It still tastes a lot better than the reg. canned soup. I do make my own broth...when I have the bones!

  4. I do the low sodium broth as well when I buy it. I do try to make stock at least once a month though and I freeze it.