Friday, March 26, 2010

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

So here we are on a Friday night and I'm sitting here watching Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. If you havent' seen it, check out ABC and watch it. I highly recommend it!

So the purpose of my blog is to not eat processed foods and eat more "real" food. This is basically what the show is all about. Jamie goes into the unhealthiness town in the U.S and is trying to change their eating habits...well it is not going well so far.

One family he showed them the amount of food they eat during the week and it was all processed deep, fried...well crap. It made me sick to my stomach to see ALL that food in one spot and see the size of these people. He actually took the family to the dr to get check ups and the oldest son will probably develop diabetes if he keeps going on this diet. They claim they've made "real" food all week, but there are a lot of ingredients left in the fridge and McDonald's wrappers and cups around...

Then he went into a school to change their menu. They were going on and on about guidelines and how they needed 2 breads, but Jamie only had one in their menu. He had brown rice and he needed another one(so he ended up serving a WHITE hamburger roll) but their pizza, that was frozen and loaded with sodium and fat counted as 2 bread servings...he did question it, but only got "well that's the way it is".

Then there are the lunch ladies...they were not very nice to say the least. I was appalled by their behavior. They would much rather feed the kids the processed food rather than working a little extra hard to get them the fresh food. I couldn't believe the way they treated him and didn't support him at all!

He also went into a kindergarten class and asked them to identify veggies...they couldn't identify one! They had no idea what a tomato, potato, or cauliflower was! That really shocked me, as I'm sure A could tell you what some of those were...although he does call a red pepper a tomato, but its the same color. At least tomato is in his vocabulary. Thankfully, the teacher saw what happened and in turn taught the kids what the veggies were.

He finally showed the kids, teachers, and parents what the kids were eating. They dumped a dump truck full of fat and that was the amount of fat being consumed by the kids during the year. It certainly opened the parents eyes

 I did not find the principal very supportive of his efforts at all...they all doubted Jamie and his abilities. They are allowing him to try his experiment for a couple more weeks, but he must stay in budget.

It truly was an eye opener....

So have you seen the show? Did you like it? What surprised you the most?


  1. I don't have cable any more, so I haven't seen this round of the show, but I know that it is similar to one he shot in the UK a few years back... and I loved that one! I think it's amazing how we've become such a consumer culture that making our own food is seen as a 'special occasion event' rather than every day... heck sometimes it takes longer to make the thing out of the box than it does to make from scratch....

    I'm so loving the recipes you find and will totally be looking for updates on the show!

  2. I was totally grossed out by the "chicken nuggets" when he ground up the whole chicken carcass and the kids were willing to eat that over healthy food...yuck

  3. I was surprised at how defensive everyone, but particularly the lunch ladies, was. I mean if a chef offered to cook good, healthy food for me, I'd be all over it.

  4. I know the poor ladies might have to actually WORK vs. just putting frozen patties on a tray! ugh...they infuriated me!

  5. I have been watching the show and am very surprised at how they are all acting. I love what Mr. Oliver is doing and would love for him to come to my town and make over our school cafeterias!!!!

    BTW I found your blog thru Halle @ Hallee the Homemaker! I am having fun looking aroudn at your recipes and am going to try some!