Thursday, April 29, 2010

Barley Risotto

I came across this recipe on another blog I frequent quite a bit. She calls it Barley Pilaf, but the process is more like a risotto so I renamed it. I was also looking for something to do with the barley I had in the cabinet, it was for soup, but it never got made. I had the Goya barley and had no idea what kind it was after a little research I think I came to the conclusion that it is the pearl barley, this may have been a quicker process if you use quick cook barley(as the original states) You have to have a little patience with this recipe and perhaps maybe not a crying 1 year old at your feet, but it got done!

Barley Risotto-shared from Finding Joy In My Kitchen
4 cups broth(I used veggie)
1 pkg frozen peas
1 onion, diced
2 cloves of garlic, minced
2 cups barley(quick cook or pearl)*
2 tbsp oil
1/4-1/2 cup cream
1/4-1/2 cup parm or asiago cheese, shredded(I did use grated)

Place oil in pan(I have a deep sided skillet so I used that). Saute onions and garlic for about 5 mins. Add in barley and let brown for a few minutes. Slowly add in broth, stir until the liquid is absorbed. Keep adding the liquid until it is all gone(I did about a cup at a time). Stir in peas, cream, and cheese. Stir and let cheese melt.

*Because I used pearl barley and not quick cook, I found I needed more liquid. So that is why the cream is up to a 1/2 a cup. I also added extra water as the barley still was not fully cooked and it had no more liquid. I let it simmer and cook longer than if using quick cook. I am still not sure that it is fully cooked as I've never cooked barley this way. It had a bite to it, but it worked for me and after 45 mins and a baby who wasn't having it, I served it up!

**I LOVED this. I loved the texture, the taste, and just everything about it! K wasn't as sold as I was. He said it was good and I could make it again, but I gave it high honors! Next time I'll try it with quick cook so maybe it won't take quite as long. The original recipe uses asparagus, we are not fans of it or had it in the house so we went with the peas.

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  1. I have pearled and unpearled barley in my pantry. this sounds so good!!! Thanks for sharing the recipe :)